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Switched On 4 Life Kids (P-12)

Your children will:

  • Learn movements to enhance Academic progress, Sporting skills, Reducing Anxiety, Friendship Building, Clear Thinking and Calm in the body, .

  • Learn Resiliency skills & relaxation methods to help in stressful situations.

  • Learn skills to help improve memory and concentration - supporting learning. 

  • Participate in Mindfulness activities, becoming more aware of the present.                                                                       

The session starts with Brain Gym to switch on all parts of the brain. Then we do a themed workshop with a fun worksheet and a related game. We finish off with the themed guided relaxation meditation and positive affirmation to take home.

Themes include: Developing Strengths & Leadership Qualities, Mindfulness, I'm Cool & Calm, Anti-Anxiety,

Making & Keeping Friends, Self Concept-Who am I?, Raising my Self Esteem, Self Talk & Optimism, Dealing with Bullys, Enhancing Academic skills, Enhancing Sporting skills & Sportsmanship, Relaxation & Calming techniques, Feelings, Resiliency- bouncing back. etc                              Programs are tailored to specific needs.

Session Times: Wednesday (Weeks 2-9)

Kinder -Yr 3@ 4-4:45pm        Yr 3-7@ 5-5:45pm            Yr 7+ (Times TBA)                         



1 Child $15 class or $110 (8 wks) Extra Child $10 class

2 Children $25 class or $190 (8 wks)


High School (wks 6-9)   (No.'s depending)                                                                                            

$20 class or $70 (4 wks ) 2 Children $35/wk

* Creative Kids Vouchers accepted


For more information or to book your child into this course please send your enquiry below.

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