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5. Switched On for Study and Keeping Calm

for Yr 11 & 12 Senior Students. (1 hr)

This session looks at brain neurons and their purpose, strategies to help with study and Brain Gym movements to help with learning facts and concepts. It includes learning skills to switch on hearing and vision, increasing focus and concentration as well as improving memory. Important strategies are taught to promote relaxation and  calmness, especially during stressful times.

STRESS-  Understanding stress, experiencing stress and developing ways to reduce stress through stress busters.

MINDFULNESS- What does being mindful require and how can I benefit from it?

Students are taught strategies to use straight away.


$350 for 1st hour session, then $250 per 1 hour session thereafter, during the same day visit. $170 for 30 min session.          (GST is not payable on fees.)

An information handout will be provided and/or emailed for you to print out for participants.


Group size is flexible.













NB. Parent/Community sessions provided on same day for $150.

Additional fees apply for travel outside of a 50 km radius of Redhead NSW. (In accordance with ATO rates)

For more information or to book this course please send your enquiry below.

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