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2. Switched On  Office Staff (1hr)




This course involves gentle and movement based learning and brings together 50+ years of teaching and nursing experience, as well as incorporating Brain Gym, Mind Up emotional education, Relaxation/Anti-anxiety techniques and Educational Kinesiology and has been specifically tailored to benefit Office Staff.

By introducing various low impact movements that help switch on the brain and body, this encourages confidence and self empowerment. Enabling the building up of skills that help support learning and general well-being. Skills are taught to enhance concentration, memory, clear thinking, physical coordination, switching on vision and hearing, building up self esteem and resilience, relaxation techniques, reducing anxiety and promoting skills to remain calm. 

Switched on 4 Life courses include up to date information and techniques on: 

* Neuroplasiticity

* PACE - a set of moments that switch on all parts of the brain, helping motivate you to reach your full potential.

* Practical strategies to reduce stress and anxiety - promotes staff well-being.

All strategies provided/demonstrated in this course can be used immediately. 


$300 per 1 hour session.

$195 per 1 hour session thereafter, during the same day visit.

An information sheet will be provided and/or emailed for you to print out for participants.

Additional fees apply for travel outside of a 50 km radius of Redhead NSW. (In accordance with ATO rates)

For more information or to book this course please send your enquiry below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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